Best Carpeting and Flooring Solutions in Sri Lanka

Xtream Interior offers the best carpeting & flooring solutions in Sri Lanka. We deliver Vinyl Flooring solutions, Wooden Flooring solutions, Tile Flooring solutions, Cement Flooring solutions, Titanium Flooring solutions & Terracotta Flooring Solutions in Sri Lanka. Xtream Interior assures that we use world best materials for our Carpeting & Flooring Solutions in Sri Lanka.

The floor one of the most important interior design elements which influences the atmosphere of any interior design and the impression it makes. Materials we use, finish with fine lines, floor-laying method and colours we select, will create visual accents and fulfill a wide variety of requirements. We consider anti-static and acoustic requirements, hygiene factors, heat transmission capacity, easy maintenance, life cycle and changeability factors, when we design Carpeting and Flooring solutions for your office or home.

When we select the correct Carpeting solution for your office or home, it creates a positive effect on ambience of total interior solution. Carpets filter dust from the air and collect it. Carpets help to protect muscles and joints, and ensure that we feel comfortable while walking. Carpets exert a major influence on the acoustics of a space. It helps to dampen noise and avoid unpleasant echoing noise. The higher the pile, the better the effect.

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