High Quality Partitioning & Cladding Solutions in Sri Lanka

We provide full range of high quality partitioning & cladding solutions in Sri Lanka including Aluminium partitioning, glass partitioning, wooden partitioning, aluminium cladding and composite cladding systems.

Aluminium partitioning solutions in Sri Lanka

We use world best raw materials for our Aluminium partition solutions in Sri Lanka. Mostly Aluminium partitions are used to construct individual spaces for executives or teams in corporates & offices. Aluminium Partition solutions are very light in weight and can be dismantled easily, when not required. At Xtream Interior, our well qualified and experienced fabricators will ensure the delivery of best Aluminium partitioning solutions in Sri Lanka within minimum time frame and budget.

Aluminium Composite Panels in Sri Lanka

Aluminium composite panels can be used for any purposes where high structural stability and rigidity are needed while keeping the load weight to a minimum. We offer the best Aluminium composite panel solutions in Sri Lanka. It provides a hi-tech look. These solutions can be a perfect replacement for conventional cladding materials such as marble, granite, concrete etc.

GLASS Partitioning Solutions In Sri Lanka

Xtream Interior offers the best Glass partitioning solutions in sri Lanka. Glass partitions will give a new & fresh look to your office and residential space. Our Glass partitioning solutions are made of glasses that are laminated or toughened glasses that do not break on impact. For any interior design, Glass partitioning will add an element of beauty to the property in general. They allow maximum natural light inside the cabins. We assure the best-in-class glass partitioning solutions to your office and home needs. Over 14 years of experience and Our expertise in handling high-value Glass partitioning projects for many corporate offices in Colombo and other main cities in Sri Lanka make us the preferred choice for glass partitioning works in Sri Lanka.

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